0-300 dipstick gasket thick/thin

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Re: 0-300 dipstick gasket thick/thin

Postby hilltop170 » Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:39 pm

n2582d wrote:So what do you think about Real's rocker box cover gaskets? Do they have the same problem in this application? It would seem to me that these gaskets would be in constant contact with oil here.

I use them and like them if they are put on dry with no lube or sealant. Otherwise, they squeeze out of position when tightened. Wash with mineral spirits and quickly dry before re-installing and they can be re-used if not deformed/torn.
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Re: 0-300 dipstick gasket thick/thin

Postby 170C » Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:03 pm

RE: the Real valve cover gaskets (would apply to other type valve cover gaskets also)---Be sure the new gaskets are installed in the correct orientation. It is easy to install them upside down (at least I have that ability :oops: ) If installed upside-down, they will
LEAK and it is sometimes difficult to see that they have been installed incorrectly. Been there--done that :!:
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Re: 0-300 dipstick gasket thick/thin

Postby gahorn » Mon Jan 19, 2009 5:13 pm

I have the REAL gaskets on my rocker box covers and they do just fine. However, the reason I mentioned the gascolator situation is because I personally experienced the failure. I used the same material (cut it from silicone engine baffle material) to make gascolator gaskets. I flew the airplane for about 6 months with them, experiencing no problem.
Then one day I went into the hangar and smelled gasoline, and saw a blue stain about a foot wide beneath the airplane. I expected to find the gasolator quick-drain leaking.
(Keep in mind, that I am the guy who keeps telling everyone to shut off their fuel valves when the airplane is stored.) So to confirm my curtis-drain was leaking, I turned on the cockpit fuel valve and dumped about a gallon of fuel onto the hangar floor before I could stop it.
The silicone gaskets had warped/shrunk and would no longer seal.

I have used cork successfully, but I decided to use the genuine Cessna part from now on.
The genuine Cessna Gascolator Gasket PN is: 33-199-6 Gasket . Two are required. www.cessnaparts.com has them priced at $10, but I have purchased them locally for $1.50.
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