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Consolidated Rules and Announcements

Postby gahorn » Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:02 am

The following posts are consolidated into one in an effort to streamline the discussion forums.

From: gahorn
Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2003 5:44 pm Post subject: Forum Rules

1. Everyone welcome! (Just keep things civil, avoid personal attacks, and keep your language and topics suitable for "Family" entertainment. Remember that the written word can be easily interpreted/mis-interpreted. Please be polite and considerate.)
2. Only members of The International Cessna 170 Association (TIC170A) in Good Standing may list items For Sale/Wanted or otherwise offer trades/exchanges without charge. (Personal ads only, no commercial free ads allowed.) When the ad is satisfied, notify either or myself ( gahorn ) via Private Msg (PM) so the ad may be removed. Non-members may list items at the regular advertising rates published in the monthly newsletter "The Flypaper". Flypaper ads will not be automatically eligible in the forums, they must be submitted in addition to Flypaper policy.
Remember: Do not "advertise" by making statements such as "I sure wish I could find a such-and-such. I'd be willing to pay for it." etc., without first clearing it with the moderator, except via the above email-method.
3. On-Line auction websites may NOT be promoted at the forums. The reasons are numerous but the following are a few:
A) Any person has the opportunity to visit other websites without promotion of those websites here. B) Promotion of other websites not specifically relevant to TIC170A is not in the interests of TIC170A. C) The promotion of auction websites can be viewed by a person shopping there as unfairly driving bid prices upward. D) A person listing items at auctions should not benefit by using our site as free additional promotion. E)Items procured at such sites are sometimes especially subject to questionable pedigree and quality, and such sites are not recommended usually as a source of parts due to quality/airworthiness/traceablility issues. Any messages containing reference to online auctions are a violation of this rule and are subject to editing and/or deletion.
EXCEPTION: A TIC170A member who offers 170-related merchandise at auction, may announce the auction in TradeMart provided that: 1) the reference to the auction provides a direct link (hyperlink) to the specific auction,...and not to any auction-site in any general manner, 2) that the announcement be posted within 24 hours of the beginning of such auction, 3) that no other promotion of online auction sites be attempted, and 4) that the announcement be deleted (or the moderator asked to delete it) within 24 hours of the end of the auction. (Such msgs must be posted ONLY in the TradeMart and ONLY, therefore, by TIC170A members.) This rule does not apply to TIC170A Members posting discussion topics in the Members Intercom section of the website only.
4. No commercial use of this forum is allowed except as provided by TIC170A policy. This includes providing links to commercial websites within messages (unless critically germaine to a legitimate discussion/message.) Don't do it. (Non commercial, non-profit organizations websites are fine.) Example of prohibited msg: Hey, here's a cool website! http// Example of permitted msg: During discussion-response about a difficult to find part, a link to a commercial source for that part may be listed. (If in doubt, contact the moderator via PM.)
5. Opinions and information posted here are those of the person making the post. Use any/all information obtained here at your own risk. TIC170A is not responsible for data or messages posted at the forums. NO INFORMATION AND/OR DATA POSTED HERE IS INTENDED TO REPLACE FAA APPROVED OR MANUFACTURER, OR ANY OTHER OFFICIAL INFORMATION. REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER CLAIMS NO INFORMATION OR DATA AT THIS SITE IS TO BE USED INSTEAD OF FAA APPROVED OR MFR DATA. NO INFORMATION HERE SHOULD BE RELIED UPON OVER AFM INFORMATION. Liability for, reliance upon, or any use of information here is entirely your own responsibility.
Registration at, participation in, or login to the forums constitute your acceptance and promise to abide by these rules.
Sorry to have to post/enforce these rules, but a few person's persistent activities have made it necessary.
Thanks to the vast majority of our participants for the lively and valuable exchange of friendships and information. You guys are great!
Best Regards,
George Horn


From: webmaster
Site Admin
Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 3:30 pm Post subject: Avatars

Now that we're on a new server with more capability, I'm allowing members to upload their own Avatars (the small image that appears below your name to the left).

The images can't be any bigger than 80x80 pixels and/or 6 KB, and can be JPEG, GIF or PNG compression formats. If you don't know what any of this means, then you should stick with the TIC170A logo that's in the Avatar gallery.

You add an Avatar in your Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the Profile page to the Avatar Control Panel. Click the 'Browse...' button next to the 'Upload Avatar from your machine' and select the file. Then, just click the Submit button for the Profile page.

Remember, Avatars are only displayed for TIC170A members that have put their name and member number info into their Profile.

Webmaster, TIC170A

Site Admin
Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 8:04 am Post subject: Forum Privileges/Access

Here's where we're at with permission settings for the Forums:

Every registered user can read and write to: the Pilot Lounge, Hangar,and Events/Flyins.

Every registered user can read, but only TIC170A members can post new listings to: TradeMart and MX Library

Only TIC170A members may have access to: TIC170A Member's Intercom.

Webmaster, TIC170A


From: gahorn
Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2002 5:51 pm Post subject: Posting Private/Personal Information

I'd like to remind everyone that posting private and/or personal information on this forum is like broadcasting it out to the world without regard to whom might use it legitimately.
Before posting yours, or someone else's private information such as telephone numbers, email, or actual addresses, etc., BE CERTAIN you have that person's permission to do so.
Don't be careless. The Internet can be a hazardous place.

Posted: Sat Feb 05, 2005 11:36 am Post subject:

Another way to prevent auto-harvesting of email addresses is to place them in an "irregular format". For example:
JohnDoe (at) yahoo (dot) com
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